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Causes and symptoms of dehydration

In this article we are going to look at which dehydration is, what can cause and some of the many symptoms of dehydration. When water is drawn away from anything we consider to be dehydrated. Think dried fruit, all the moisture or water is removed. This is the same for the body, when it has the right amount of water, simply won’t work well.

Dehydration can be a very serious condition and if left untreated can cause death. Now I’m sure there are at least slightly dehydrated States sometimes or maybe drank too much alcohol. While this is not life threatening is still a bad thing for your body.

Now here are some of the causes of dehydration:

dry heat
working under the Sun without enough water
cooked food
products containing caffeine
severe hyperglycemia
many diseases

So you see a lot of things we do in our daily life can cause the effects of dehydration. The best thing we can do is to start drinking a lot of water on a regular basis and make it a priority. Many times when we feel hungry is actually that we thirst and you can’t tell the difference. So drink more water can actually have an effect on our waistlines as well. That is a great bonus!

So now let’s talk a little about the symptoms of dehydration.

Some of these may include:

This is obvious that you become thirsty
lose your appetite
the mouth becomes dry
the urine becomes dark
becoming disoriented or dizzy
If the blood pressure is low
If you feel weak or tired

These are some of the primary symptoms, but there may be others like all is very different. Be sure to drink plenty of water, if there is one of these. You may also want to put a little salt in the water to help replace electrolytes. These are very important. If you have more severe symptoms of dehydration wise to seek medical help.

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