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Effects of Piercing tongue

Tongue piercings can lead to side effects such as bacterial infections, bleeding, nerve damage, dental damage, kelloid, allergic reaction and pain. Tongue Piercing is nice to have but you also need to take enough precautions to avoid suffering the negative effects of tongue piercing.

A case study cited in the British Dental Journal where a girl of 19 years healthy collapses after attending a party and why established severe tongue piercing infection takes place a few hours before attending a party where she collapses. In 2005, The Telegraph also mentions an instance in which a teenage boy succumbs to blood poisoning after a lip piercing.

Avoid these or worse type of situations, knowing these side effects are and take precautions/s in advance.

6 effects of Piercing tongue

1) Gum problems – the tongue barbells posts after the piercing can cause problems to the gums due to repetitive rubbing of barbells with the tongue or the inside of the tongue. In severe cases, the damage must be corrected surgically.

2) severe infection-language is one of the organs which when cut can cause bleeding. In addition, the mouth is full of bacteria, and if the piercing is done with care, can cause serious infections, cause the area to become swollen and in some cases must be treated surgically.

3-the Neuralgia) American Medical Association reports a case in which a girl experiences of stabbing pain lasting 10-30 seconds about 30 times a day. No amount of medication helps. Finally, doctors remove the metal Stud pierced tongue and within two days, she is perfectly fine. This is a classic case of neuralgia, also known as “suicide disease”.

During the process of piercing, the nerves that surround the area can break without the knowledge of both parties and subsequently causes problems as the case reported. Therefore, it is important to get the piercing done by a skilled, competent person to prevent neuralgia.

4) Getting Stuck-if the bar is not properly configured, it can dislodge itself and wind down the bronchial tubes and get stuck in the intestines. If the person is lucky, the barbell can be washed across the bowel movement, but as shown by the medical cases, it must be operated and removed.

5) risk of HIV or hepatitis-all types of body art should be done with gloves and sterilization of instruments. Worth every penny to visit a clinic of Fame to get piercings done. Use of non-sterile instruments can cause HIV or hepatitis.

6) Oral Cancer-tongue swelling, speech impediment, deep cysts and nerve damage are some of the symptoms of oral cancer. Oral cancer can occur due to medications, smoking and unhygienic piercing methods. In extreme cases, can also develop a condition of endocarditis. Endocarditis is a condition in which the bacterium enters the bloodstream and irreparably damage the heart valves.

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