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The guide diamond settings in rings (part II)

A continuation of the first part of setup types, this article concerns the rest of popular culture which are:

Voltage regulation:

The voltage setting differs from all other diamond settings due to its daring and unusual style. If you are looking for a unique and modern style in their environment, diamond ring tension set is an ideal choice. This setting is very interesting and creative and worth a second look.

Against a background of tension, the pressure of the band is used to hold the diamond. The diamond is located in small grooves cut into the sides of the shank ring, so seems to float in midair between sides of the shank.

Since the bandwidth of a set-snap ring is created only for a specific diamond is produced only after the ring was purchased. The setting is such that it fits the diamond that is selected and cannot be changed or scaled back once it has been purchased. Although the voltage setting is pretty sure, diamond and setting can be damaged if the ring you are suffering from a sharp impact.
The voltage setting incorporates the security of both types of diamond settings-keep safe the prongs, as well as the smoothness of a voltage regulation.

Melée setting:

The word melée (pronounced “melly” or “meh-lay”) derives from the French word for a mixture and refers to many styles of tiny crystals that can beautify an engagement ring. The little Scrum-half stones have their own ways of setting that can alter the appearance of the ring.

An engagement ring can have anything from three to four Scrum-half stones up to a hundred. These small diamonds decorate the entire ring and cover the entire band to form a carpet of diamonds.

Pavé setting:

In an environment of Pavé, many small diamonds are closely together and are held in place with metal beads almost invisible, thus creating a surface sparkling with diamonds. This setting is also referred to as the bead, or more popularly as Micro-Pave setting, especially when the diamonds are small and closely set.

Channel setting:

The channel setting is more popular on eternity bands and smaller diamonds on the band wedding ring. In this setting, a row of diamonds are placed in a metal channel that holds them in place into a metal channel that holds them in place, creating the illusion of a continuous line of diamonds. Can be used with round or princess cut diamonds.

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As understood from the name, this set contains a row of diamonds in place with spikes shared between two diamonds, and thus every stone a prominence. This setting is used primarily in the bands of eternity. Because the diamonds used in this setting are larger in size, this is one of the most important settings.

Setting the thread:

Similar to setting, bezel setting Flush set small diamonds directly to the band of the ring, then put them in a rut in the metal. This creates a sleek, low profile without sacrificing the elegance of a diamond band.

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