Kamis, 18 April 2013

White Gold explained

I think it’s important that the properties of white gold, limits and care needs are fully understood before buying an item of jewelry. This way you know what to expect and understand the best ways to care for your jewelry.

The most important thing to note is that gold is a naturally yellow metal; White Gold is not found in nature but is produced. Undergo a series of procedures to ensure that we see the brilliant white finish that we are used to and that appeals to us so much.

To get this color, gold is mixed with various white metal to produce an alloy; are commonly used silver and Palladium. The result of this alloy is of pale greyish-yellow colour. I like to think of it as mixing paint, no matter how much white paint added to yellow it is not possible to create a true white. To get the brilliant and bright white finish that made it so popular, white gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium is a metal bright white heavy duty nevertheless as with any form of plating, rhodium will wear over a period of time to reveal the pale greyish yellow metal underneath. The amount to which the plating wears off depends on what the item comes in contact with. For example, if it is exposed to chemicals like perfume, cleaning products or cream by hand, can wear more rapidly. You will then need to have white gold plated King rings from time to time; the time frame depends on the wearer. We always recommend that jewellery items are removed when doing any type of manual work, lifting, carrying or cleaning. This will prevent rumors being thrown out accidentally form or get scratched or damaged.

The material properties of gold, of any color, make sure that is a perfect choice for many items of jewelry. It is resistant and hard wearing relatively malleable enough yet for more complicated designs. One of the best things in my opinion is its versatility and allows the true colour of the gemstone stone shine through. There’s nothing more mesmerizing than a diamond ring set in white gold, like the fierce natural diamond shimmer is reinforced by thin white tones.

All the precious metals they need a certain amount of care and if they are looked after properly make fabulous jewelry items over the next few years. I hope this article has gone some way to explain the process to create white gold and the ways in which you can watch to ensure the stunning jewels as as the day after you purchased it.

Here at Chapelle jewellery we guarantee all our white gold jewellery for the first year so if you notice that the plating is visibly beginning to be consumed within the first year of purchase, we will arrange for it to be back for free. After the first year there will be jewelry white gold finish for a small fee. Please contact us for more information. Discover the range of white gold jewelry on offer at Chapelle jewellery.

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